Sunday, November 9, 2014

20 Simple Scrapbooking Ideas and Tips By Monique Nicole Fox

1.  Print your pictures in color, black and white, and sephia.  You never know what kit or papers you might want to use.

2.  Make collages out of your pictures.  This is great for pictures of different sizes especially if you like to use sketches.

3.  Make sure you sign up receive coupons and newsletters from stores that have photo processing.  You wanna catch deals and sales.

4.  Save your scrapbooking scraps for making cards.

5.  Go to scrapbook crops.  You can get ideas from other scrapbookers, share tools and your stash, meet new friends and etc.  You can even take a class and learn a new technique.

6.  Read your local newspapers to find out about scrapbook yard sales.  You can get supplies cheap!!!

7.  Sign up to receive emails from craft stores in your areas.  Watch out for sales on items.

8.  Shop "clearance sections" at your local stores and scrapbooking stores online.

9.  Join some swap groups.  Swap items you don't want or use.

10.  Instead of carrying your die cut machines to crops, pre cut some designs and put them in a zip lock or scrapbook for easy access.

11.  Dollar Stores have some cute and inexpensive craft items.  Check out the ones in your area like Dollar Tree.  I once scored with some cute totes, stickers, butterflies, glue dots and etc.

12.  When you do go to a dollar store, think out of the box.  Think paper!  A banner can have a cute image on it that you can put on a layout.  A card can also have a cute image and words for a layout.

13.  Enter giveaways.  This is your chance to get some free supplies.  You can setup google alerts.  You can also setup Facebook notifications from manufacturers, stores, and blogs.  You can also follow your favorite manufacturers via  

14.  Recycle! Re-use!  Save those movie tickets, trip tickets, concert tickets, programs, napkins, matchbooks, and memorabilia for great scrapbook layout embellishments.

15.  Look in your area newspapers for FREE events in your area.  Libraries tend to have free crops!

16.  Find a scrapbook consultant in your area.  They will have crops at hotels, their house or a library.

17.   Organize your scrapbook stash by subject/theme in an iris 12x12 scrapbook case.  Why?  When it is time to go to a crop, you just grab that bin for the theme you are working on that day and stick it in your bag.

18.  Use some sketches to help your creativity.  Google these sketch sites or look on the side bar of my blog:  Page Drafts, Page Maps, Sketchabilities, Creative Scrappers, Brenda Ragsdale, and etc.  Stop just matting your pics and putting a title.  Get modernized!  The Creative Memories way is stale!!!!

19.  There are tons of layout inspiration on  Create a board with ideas that you can use when cropping at home or when going to crops.  If you need some ideas of what kid of boards to create, visit me on Pinterest:

20.  If you need some layout inspiration, check out online galleries.  My favorite is

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