Friday, March 5, 2010

My Faithbooking Layouts (a sample)

Journaling c/o Daily Word reads:

I am enthusiastic about life!

My enthusiasm grows as I focus on God's presence within me and within others. As my appreciation of the sacredness of all expands, I not only dare to dream and set goals, but also to pursue them.

I bring enthusiasm and creativity to all I do. I actively engage in my relationships with family and friends. I find joy wherever I invest my time. Spirit within guides me in everyday tasks as well as in exciting new adventures.

This day and every day, I set my course on a journey of discovery. The goodness of God is constantly being revealed to me. I find great satisfaction in being an expression of divine goodness toward others.

Brothers and sisters, be all the more eager to confirm your call and election, for if you do this, you will never stumble.--2 Peter 1:10

The journaling is a poem by Albert Theel:

I do so love the Fall of year
When leaves turn golden brown;
The geese and ducks all flying south
Where warmer suns are found.

God's little creatures scurry by
To store their Winter grains;
The snows descend to cover all
Until the springtime rains.

I walk for hours an meditate
With Jesus by my side,
And thank Him for this time of year
That He alone provides.

I find *delight* in the Lord.

Journaling from Daily Word on 3/26/09 and me:

What I had been searching for, what I had needed, what I had yearned for was with me from the very beginning. In God, I found myself. In God, I found my way.

Each day as I place my trust in God, I surrender any past or present hurt. Knowing I am always in God's loving presence, I experience absolute peace and reassurance. I am in God, and God is in me.

Centering myself in the indwelling presence of God, I live my life as the unique expression of God that I am. I am at peace, reassured, and fulfilled.

Therefore, no Bucket List is needed!

Journaling is from part of a poem by Vi B. Chevalier that reads:

It's up to you to chart each course or path you take.
It's up to you to learn and grow from each mistake.
It's up to you to dream and see your dream come true;
To visualize with faith and then to follow them through.

I used a devotional by *Daily Word* for my journaling that reads:

I thank God for the unconditional love of pets.

Most times our pets want nothing more than to love us and be loved by us. Of course, as in any relationship, challenges may arise. However, with expressions of love and caring for our pets, we are blessed as we care about and for them.

We thank God for pets - companions that fill ant empty spaces in our homes and in our hearts. They can be helpers who guide and assist us in doing things we may not be able to do on our own. They can be buddies that curl up on our lay or at our feet or that encourage us to take a walk.

Exotic or plain, furry or feathered, pets keep our lives interesting and offer us opportunities to give and receive unconditional love and caring.

"God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind, and the cattle of every kind, and everything that creeps upon the ground of every kind. And God saw that it was good." ~Genesis 1:25~

Journaling/a poem by Jill Lemming-LeBlanc......

God's Treasures on Earth

Every life matters, whether brief or long.
We each sing a different but meaningful song.
The life we are given was planned long ago
By God up in Heaven, for He made it so.

He whispered our names before we but knew
Hw much He would love us, and all He would do.
The stars in the heavens give honor to Him
By shining His glory again and again.

The hiars on our heads are numbered, you see,
And God has a plan for you and for me.
He's strong in our weakness and carries our pain,
Erasing our troubles, forgiving our shame.

Every life matters, as God has expressed,
For we are His children - the best of the best.
We sparkle as diamonds in the eye of our King;
His treasures on earth, what a beautiful thing!


The Simple Things In Life
By Monique Nicole Fox

Two legs to walk around
Two arms to give a hug
Two lips to give a kiss
One God that is my fortress
One son to love and nourish
Are the simple things in life

Journaling is a poem by Emily Bronte:

No coward soul is mine,
No trembler in the world’s storm troubled sphere.
I see Heaven’s glory shine,
And faith shines equal,
arming me from

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