Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Recycled Layouts/My Layouts Using Keepsakes

For this layout I used the actual program from a Black History program at the Department of Justice where I met the 1st Black AAG.  I also used the building pass that I used to get into the main building of the Department of Justice.

For this layout I used actual movie ticket stubs.  Yes I keep my stubs.

For this layout, I cut out the Transformer logo and word from the packaging my sons Halloween costume came in.

For this layout I used a poem that I tore out of a booklet.  I normally tear out the poems that I like and throw the rest away.

For this layout I used 2 postcards from our Trip last year (2009) to Sesame Place. 

For this layout I used 1 postcard I bought at Sesame Place in 2009.

This layout I used a Daily Word Devotional.  I keep the devotionals that I may 1 day use on a layout and throw away the rest.

For this layout I used parts of the confirmation for the Massanutten Resort.  It has the resort address on it, a description of the resort, and the do's and don't of the resort.

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